Discuss current trends in the global DFI environment
Discuss innovative financing mechanism and options for mobilizing resources for development projects
Develop and strengthen partnership for cross-border investment promotion & financing, and mobilization of resources
Support effort aimed at promoting inclusive socio-economic development in the continents through cooperation among DFIs
Provide opportunity to engage DFI supervisory authorities and DFI community on the need to deepen DFIs’ activities and make them more relevant in achieving development goals at the national and sub-national levels.
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Mr Patrick Dlamini

AADFI Chairman
You will agree with me that Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) will continue to occupy center stage in recent efforts to scale up financing of projects toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our various countries. As an important catalyst for development, DFIs are expected to mobilize and channel resources towards bridging the current huge financing gaps for development projects on the continent.more

Olukayode A. Pitan

Managing Director, Bank of Industry
Being Africa’s most populous and largest economy, Nigeria provides a diverse mix of ethnicity, languages (over 500 dialects), religious beliefs and a burgeoning youth population, which is about half of its entire population. The highest contributors to the national economy are the services and the agricultural sectors. Nigerians are largely known to be entrepreneurial and hospitable.more

Unveil the Revised edition of the PSGRS;
Review the implementation and application of the PSGRS Mechanism in DFIs;
Suggest strategy on how the Application of the PSGRS in DFIs could be strengthened;
Review the effectiveness of implementation of PSGRS in member-institutions and share success stories;
Come to a consensus on how to sustain stakeholders’ commitment on the PSGRS;
Network among CEOs and stakeholders in Development Financing.
Share the experiences of Regulatory Authorities in supervising DFIs with the PSGRS, and other regulations;